Unit Removals in Perth

Moving a house versus moving a unit

The difference between moving a whole house and moving a smaller unit is usually the amount and size of furniture which needs to be transferred from one place to another. Because we have a large fleet of different size trucks on call, this typically means that we can use a smaller moving team and smaller truck, saving you money, while still providing a safe and efficient service.

In contrast, many smaller, less experienced moving companies only have very large trucks, meaning you pay for space which will not be used to move your furniture or belongings.

How long does it take to move a unit

Typically it takes much less time to move a unit than it does to move a normal house, with the exception of having to go up and down flights of stairs which can add time to an otherwise easy move. If you have contacted another moving company and feel like their time estimate might be too high, give us a call and we’ll give you a second opinion (and probably a better quote too if you’re interested!).

Moving options available

We have many different options available for your next unit move:

  • We can provide trucks of various sizes
  • Teams of two or more people to help you move depending on how many belongings you have and how quickly you want to get into your new accommodation
  • Pre-packing and unpacking services
  • We can provide packing equipment like boxes, tape and markers
  • We can even organise self storage for you at a great rate if you are downsizing

Why choose us

Cockburn Removals has over 30 years experience in the Perth moving industry. We have a friendly team who will go out of their way to answer your questions and make sure you have a great moving experience with us. We are insured for your peace of mind, but because our movers are highly skilled and motivated, we know that your belongings and furniture will be safe with us.

We organise all the moving logistics for you, going as far as pre-packing and unpacking if you would like us too, in order that you unit move is as hassle and stress free as possible.

For a free, no-obligation quote on your next move, call the friendly team at Cockburn Removals now on 0458 881 111 (0458 881 111)

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