Office Removals Perth

Commercial removals typically have very different requirements than normal removal services, so when looking for a moving company for your next shop or office move it’s important to look for people with commercial experience.

In commercial and industrial environments, the amount of furniture or equipment being moved can vary in both quantity and size greatly. In some cases walls and partitions may even need to be moved!

To be able to effectively move a wide range of business types requires a moving team which is flexible, adaptable to different environments, and very experienced.

We have a lot of experience in commercial removals

Cockburn Removals has over 30 years experience helping businesses throughout Perth and Western Australia to move their offices and commercial spaces quickly, securely and affordably.

We have a large fleet of trucks and highly trained office movers who know Perth and removals like the back of their hand and who can make your move stress free by organising all the logistics for you in advance.

Pre-packing services for office environments

Time is money, and having your staff pack up your office means that they cannot be productive in the roles that bring money into your organisation.

For this reason we offer a pre-packing service for commercial environments where your staff can continue to work while we begin to pack and move less frequently used furniture and equipment. Then after hours we can pack the rest of your furniture and equipment, to keep your loss of productive time to a bare minimum. We can even organise for your belongings to be unpacked on arrival at their new location.

Open 7 days so we can move your office without disruption

Because our dedicated staff are available seven days a week, we can generally organise your removals outside of business hours, to ensure your day-to-day business is not disrupted by the move, leading to a loss of revenue.

We are also available on short notice if you had originally planned to move yourself but have found it too overwhelming.

For a free, no-obligation quote on your next shop or office move, call the friendly team at Cockburn Removals now on 0458 881 111 (0458 881 111)

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